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United Defense Logistics Solutions, LLC is a motivated, value added, experienced, knowledgeable and reliable provider of outsourced supply chain management solutions.  We value fair pricing, timely responses and on-time delivery (overall best value).  We do the heavy lifting and get shipments where they need to be, giving our customers time to focus on their core business.

Specializing in first-rate outsourced management solutions that include optimized, multi-module, solutions service and innovative supply chain management, United Defense Logistic Solutions takes pride in our people who have an in-depth knowledge of logistics, transportation, construction, and telecommunication, as well as a thorough understanding of the government-contracting landscape and networking with vendors and carriers comprising the industry.

With years of combined experience in providing cargo and logistics management solutions, we have gained a unique ability to conquer all freight obstacles, and transport any commodity in the most efficient, most resourceful, and safest way possible.

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Supply Chain Management

As global competition becomes more intense, businesses seek to reduce manufacturing lead times and collaborate better with supply.

Logistics Management

Does your business or organization struggle with the growing difficulty of logistics operations? Do you believe there is an untapped potential to increase the efficiency of your process?

Warehouse Management

A well-managed warehouse is the key to a successful business. United Defense Logistics Solutions will help you achieve that with our warehouse management solutions.

Logistics Consulting

Conducting business all over the world offers many logistics challenges – escalating fuel costs, growing supply chain complexity, and shrinking carrier capacities.

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