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United Defense Logistics Solutions (UDLS), LLC is a VOSB/MBE (Veteran Owned Small Business / Minority Business Enterprise) Logistics Supply Chain Management & Consulting Company, based out of Virginia. Here we combined 18+ years of industry experience along with our dedication to client satisfaction, to guarantee quality parts, supplies and equipment shipped on time and within budget. UDLS acquires all types of durable and nondurable goods like construction hardware and materials, commercial and industrial equipment/machinery, textiles and home appliances, computer equipment and office supplies, safety and rescue equipment, aircraft parts and more.

In addition, UDLS offers daily, weekly and monthly freight arrangement services so you have full and complete logistic support from inception to completion of your procurement needs. At UDLS, we know the industry and strive to strengthen the bond between our business community and its vendors.

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United Defense Logistics Solutions, LLC

Address: 3575 Bridge Road Ste 8
PMB # 612
Suffolk, VA 23435

Phone: 833-552-8357

Fax: 888-218-5422

Email: [email protected]

Office Hours: M-F 9:00 - 5:30