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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

As global competition becomes more intense, businesses seek to reduce manufacturing lead times and collaborate better with supply. With our optimized, multi-module, vendor-to-consignee supply chain management services, we will help keep your manufacturing, purchasing, and distribution aligned.
Improve Order and Shipment Management

Using our physical infrastructure, staff’s expertise, and select core carriers, our supply chain management solutions allow clients to improve order and shipment management, as well as increase tracking, storage, assets, and labor efficiency.
At United Defense Logistics Solutions, you get to map the visual stream of current and future state supply chain.

Transportation Planning, Production Planning, More

Our service is more than just supply chain management as well. It involves transportation planning, inventory management, production planning, and resource reallocation. It also includes:
• Transportation Order Acquisition
• Shipment Planning, Tendering, Monitoring
• Freight Bill Audit and Pay
• Visibility via Internet Management Reporting
We will make operations efficient, and the shipment will go from its source to the destination smoothly. If it is held up, we will take care of it. No more worries or frustrations, because we will take care of everything down to the smallest details.

The Single, Trusted Source for All Your Supply Chain Needs

Ours is the most reliable transportation solution in the marketplace because we use advanced technology, a comprehensive supply chain management portfolio, and network of worldwide distribution facilities.

We combine the processes, technology, and expertise of 10 years of logistical support to international companies, making us the global supply chain company to turn to for a single, all-in-one source for your supply chain needs.
So, choose us. Choose the best. Choose United Defense Logistics Solutions.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

A well-managed warehouse is the key to a successful business.

United Defense Logistics Solutions will help you achieve that with our warehouse management solutions.

We handle and maintain dutiable goods that may need to be stored or re-dispatched. Once we receive the items and have entered them into the network tracking system, our experienced specialists will store them in the appropriate location according to product type. This optimizes every aspect of the warehousing process, and will not only manage the inventory, but will also manage shipping and receiving, distribution, and overhead costs.

We take pride in the talent, experience, and dedication of our people in warehouse logistics management. We have highly trained forklift operators who are licensed by the city location agency. We also make sure each has passed and has been certified.

Apart from our people, we also take pride in our streamlined, easy, 2-step warehouse management process:

Step 1:

Upon receiving the Cargo Inbound or Outbound reports from the Inventory Clerk, we will pick up the items and load them to the truck according to their destination. This establishes a first-in-first-out process, which ensures efficient loading and unloading and avoids damage and deterioration.

Step 2:

Our specialists will then log all the items to the United Defense Logistics Solutions LLC network tracking system. The data will include quantity, description of the items, and time of arrival and departure of the cargo to and from the warehouse.
We maintain strict guidelines in confirming proper quantity, and even visually check each item for damage. We will also monitor any time-sensitive shipment, and comply with the standard cargo packing and repacking guidelines.

Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Does your business or organization struggle with the growing difficulty of logistics operations? Do you believe there is an untapped potential to increase the efficiency of your process? You are at the right place. United Defense Logistics Solutions offers logistics management services that equip clients with a comprehensive picture of their operations, and enable advanced capabilities across all levels.

Our management service not only reduces claims, loss, and damage costs – it can also drive a strong structure of information between the vendor and consignee during cargo movement.

• Secure Transport of Sensitive and High Value Equipment
• Documentation & Transit Permits
• Maintain movement control on all cargo
• Logistical support on any documents on arriving/delivered cargo

Boots on the Ground Experience

As a company composed of veterans of the U.S. military and the business world, we possess reliable skill sets gained through decades of “boots on ground experience.” Our people have the expertise and tools to efficiently manage all facets of the supply chain.
More than that, we take pride in our ability to execute. We’re not just “all talk”, and we make sure to meet or exceed the performance expectations of our customer every time.

Our comprehensive logistics management service and the competitiveness of our people is matched by the design and location of our warehouses. This gives us great advantage over other logistics companies. Our prime location in Virginia allows us to exploit resources at their best, helping us optimize timelines and reduce costs.

We believe logistics is not just about shipping. It’s about planning and managing. Call United Defense Logistics Solutions today.

Logistics Consulting

Logistics Consulting

Conducting business all over the world offers many logistics challenges – escalating fuel costs, growing supply chain complexity, and shrinking carrier capacities.
To address these challenges and gain a competitive edge, you need United Defense Logistics’s logistics management consulting services. We will closely work with you to bring real-world solutions that will make a difference for you and your clients.

Insights from the Logistics Experts

Our logistics management consultancy company will provide advice on how you can monitor the quality, cost, and efficiency of the movement and storage of your goods. We will also provide insights on how you can coordinate the order and shipment cycle, and allocate resources accordingly.

Develop Sustainable, Cost-Effective, and Efficient Processes

More importantly, we work with clients to design, develop, and implement cost-effective, efficient, and more importantly sustainable processes in their global logistics. We also build transport and location strategies around customer goals, determine the optimal number of required resources, and where those resources are best located. Determining optimal end-to-end shipping lanes is part of our process as well.

And unlike other consulting firms, we focus on the rapid development of solutions and actionable recommendations. This is what separates us from pure-play logistics consultants.

Protect Business Reputation

Apart from saving businesses time and money by keeping logistics operations safe, compliant, and efficient, we also protect and enhance their reputation. This is because we transform inefficient and dated logistics operations into flexible, effective, and value-adding resources that meet changing client requirements.

Deliver game-changing results with the help of United Defense Logistics Solutions.

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